Ways To Improve Your AccuracyYou can always improve your equipment, but at the end of the day accuracy is really about practice.

Accuracy Practice Exercises

Here are some basic accuracy practice exercises:

  • For Short Game Accuracy: On the pitching green, lay out a series of golf towels staggered at different lengths and try to land the ball on the center of the towels.
  • For Long Game Accuracy: At the driving range, pick one target and shoot your entire bucket at the target until you hit it every time. Continue doing this for different targets until you feel confident in your accuracy.
  • For Putting Accuracy: Practice your putting by placing a string between two tees and hitting the ball along the line.

Check Your Equipment

Often, if you’re struggling with accuracy, you’ll want to examine your equipment. Simple features can make or break your accuracy. For example, new grips can improve accuracy by ensuring you’re hanging on to the club. You’ll want to keep the groves clean on your clubs between shots so that the club moves smoothly and when picking out clubs choose shafts that fit your swing speed.

Study Up

Take the time to learn about your clubs to make sure you understand the yardage for each one. Consider using a range finder to help determine which club to use. Range finders are legal on the course and can significantly improve accuracy. Finally, schedule a round with a Westlake Golf pro. Westlake Golf pros can assess your game and locate a few little areas to focus on and improve overall accuracy.

Improve your accuracy and improve your game. Hit the practice green, the driving range, and work with a pro. It’s not difficult but you have to put the work in.