Staying In The FairwayThere are obvious benefits to hitting your second shot out of the fairway, rather than out of the rough or sand. If you’re looking to improve your golf game, one of the biggest adjustments you can make is by trying to keep shots on the fairway. Playing left-to-right while scattered all over the course will make for a frustrating day. Consider the following to help you stay in the fairway and out of trouble next round.

  • Target Golf – Too many amateur golfers use driver for their tee shot, and then grow frustrated when their shot goes errant. How many times have you pulled a club from your bag, misplayed it, and then remarked, “I never should have pulled that club.” Well, you’re right. If you’re looking to stay in the fairway, be smarter with your club selection. You do not have to crush the ball every single shot. Be strategic, and adjust to various hazards. Smart club selection will give you more control and increase your chances of staying out of trouble. Course management will reduce your penalty strokes, thereby directly reducing your score. Sacrificing 20 yards in distance is far more beneficial than taking a penalty stroke. 
  • Adjust To Your Swing – If you find yourself consistently playing a slice or a fade, compensate when lining up your next shot. Adjust right or left to account for your slice or fade, so that you have a better chance of ending up in the middle of the fairway. If you are playing a slice, do not adjust, and line up aimed for the middle of the fairway, you will likely end up in the rough or out-of-bounds on the right side of the course all day. 
  • Relax – Find a method to breathe and clear your head before each shot. Allowing previous bad shots to compound on one another will quickly send your round south. Relax your body, and focus on placing a quality swing on the shot at hand. 

Improve Your Swing

While the above tips will help you salvage your round and help reduce your score, one of the best ways to ensure that you’re in the middle of the fairway is to perfect your swing. Westlake Golf Course has eight golf professionals that have a long-term history of success in helping players develop their skills. Many of our golf-pros use high-tech video analysis to help breakdown and rebuild your swing.

If you’re looking to hit straighter, more consistent shots, call Westlake’s pro shop at 818-889-0770 to schedule a lesson today!