Measurement And Technology Can Improve Your Swing These days, there are countless apps available on your phone to help you track your round. Golf has evolved, and statistics now go far beyond tracking your score and how many strokes over, or under, par you are. Tracking a round now entails much more quantitative data. It may take time to get comfortable, but gaining objective statistics can be extremely beneficial to your round.

Identify Deficiencies In Your Game

Tracking can improve all aspects of your game, from your drives off the tee to your short game. It can allow you to identify where your game is lacking. For example, you may realize that you are only hitting 45% of fairways. During the middle of a round this may not be evident, but evaluating after the fact, you’ll quickly realize that this number could use improvement. Set a goal for yourself to get into the 60% range. This is a tangible goal that you can strive to.

Take Notes

Whether you use an app or a notebook, don’t be afraid to take notes about your round. Identify the shot – where it was, and what club you used. When your round is over, you should take some general notes for the day, including

  • What shots worked best for you that day?
  • What shots did not work well for you that day?
  • What were the course conditions like?
  • Anything else that may have surprised you or is worth noting.

The Golf Pros At Westlake Utilize The Latest Technology

If you’re looking to bring your swing into the 21st century and utilize the latest swing technology available, schedule an appointment with one of the golf professionals at Westlake Golf Course today. Our pros are using high-tech video analysis, allowing you to visualize your optimal swing and identity what vulnerabilities you need to correct.