Improving Your Driving DistanceWhether you have first tee jitters or just feel like your drive doesn’t have much power behind it, there are several things you can do to gain distance. With improved form and the right exercises you can improve your distance off the tee. Here are some tips.

Exercise Off The Course

Drives are power shots. So the best way to improve your power is to condition your body. Here are a few exercises you can do off the course to strengthen your arms and shoulders as well as increase your flexibility leading to longer drives.

  • Incorporate a shoulder stretching exercise: Place your thumbs by the side of your head and press your elbows together. This improves flexibility in your shoulders.
  • Practice with a swing training fan; Swing training fans create resistance to strengthen your golf muscles.
  • Strengthen Your Core Muscles: Hold a medicine ball and twist, this will strengthen your core and stretch your muscles for a smoother pivot.

Focus On Your Form

Good form is everything when it comes to driving. Here are some basic tips for better driving form:

  • Your right elbow should be held close to the body through the hitting area (left elbow if you are left-handed)
  • Focus on shifting your body weight during your swing to the left side (the right side if you are left-handed).
  • “Stay behind it” which means keep your spine angle and head behind the ball at impact
  • Make sure your wrist is flat or slightly bowed at impact

Invest In Good Equipment

A good driver can make or break your shot, so make sure to take the time to find the right driver for you. Invest in a driver where the shaft and the head fit your swing speed. Fortunately, newer drivers have adjustable heads with movable weights to change the bias of the club to fade or draw. They also have adjustable hosel settings to adjust the loft and face angle. Beyond picking the right driver you’ll, also need to find a ball that matches your swing speed and launch characteristics. Better equipment translates into longer drives.

And finally, hit the driving range regularly. The more you practice the better your form and the longer your drives. Visit the pro shop for tips on the right driver and ball for you.