How To Improve Your ChippingThere‚Äôs a lot of argument over what’s the most important shot in the game. And while some will argue putting or driving, many golfers agree it’s chipping. Poor chipping can stack up swings and ruin your score. Here are some tips to improve your chipping.

Decide Your Chipping Philosophy

There are two schools of thought when it comes to chipping. One maintains that you use a single club for every chip. That way you become incredibly familiar with the club and can dominate your shots. If this is your philosophy, make sure you invest in a high-quality, pitching wedge that matches your swing. The second school of thought is that you use a different club based on the distance of the shot.

How To Pick The Best Wedge

If you belong to the second school of thought, it’s important to determine which wedge to use and when. Start by analyzing the lie and considering the green. Imagine a variety of shots you could take to get your ball in the hole. Once you have an idea of what shot to make and the speed of the green then you’re ready to pick your wedge. If you’re in front of a hill you’ll want a higher lofted club to shoot high, land, and then stop. If you are looking for a ball that rolls you’ll select a lower lofted club.

Improve Your Stance

To master chipping you’ll need to also master your stance. Start with a narrow stance that is slightly open. Keep your arms connected to your chest and focus on a smooth pivot. Stay loose and use very little wrist in your swing. Make sure you also focus on the face of wedge. One of the biggest and most painful mistakes is to misalign the face and bury the club.

Try these basic principles and consider making an appointment with a Westlake Golf pro to assess your swing, stance, and equipment. Improving your chipping will no doubt lower your score.