Chipping Out Of The Green-side RoughAs you make improvements to your short game, one of the last places you’ll likely find success is in the green-side rough. Having feel and control is vital around the green, as you’ll want to put yourself in the best position possible to have a makeable putt. The chip from the green-side rough is important. Odds are, you’re frustrated having left a shot just off its target. Successfully executing a green-side rough shot can help save a hole, while flubbing the shot can allow the hole to quickly spiral out of control. Consider these tips to implement the next time you need to chip out of the rough.

  • Open the Clubface – This is a lob-shot technique that will need to be used around the green. Because you are in thick rough, spin will not be able to stop the ball. You’ll need to rely on the trajectory of the ball to help hit successfully hit your target.
  • Open Your Stance, and Move Your Weight Forward – This will help you drive the club downwards behind the ball, allowing the ball to pop high and land softly. Do not try to lift the ball, but rather accelerate through the ball and let the fundamentals of your swing and the club do the work.

If the ball is sitting up and is not buried, you’ll want to ensure that the clubface is not as open as previously described. You’ll also want to be sure that your weight is more evenly-distributed, instead of being shifted forward.

Practice Your Chipping Technique

It will take you hundreds of shots to get comfortable with your wedges around the green. Visit the lit chipping green at Westlake Golf today. The chipping green is open from daylight until 10:00 PM. There’s plenty of space for you to experiment with opening the clubface, putting you in a situation to achieve success around the green during your next round.