A Big Year for Callaway Callaway has been having a big 2017, as their first quarter sales were a reported 13% higher than the previous year. It’s about to get even bigger as they release their new line of irons, named “Epic.” Epic irons have been in the making for several years.

The New Irons

Epic irons are revolutionary, as Callaway’s innovative technologies have been placed into a set of clubs that feature a smaller club head size. A smaller club head is typically favored by low-handicap players. Alan Hocknell, the head of research and development at Callaway, told Forbes, “It was a very, very difficult iron to make as it turns out. We set out to give this iron more ball speed than even our standard Apex irons, which are known as really long and really forgiving. We wanted a pro-type shape and size of the iron to have all of those advantages and more, and I think we got there.

The irons will cost about $2,000 for a set, which includes a 3-iron down to a pitching wedge.

The Epic Driver

Callaway had previously released the Epic drivers, which incorporate the company’s Jailbreak Technology. This technology allows the clubface to become more efficient. The technology has been proven to increase ball speed by 2 miles per hour on average, thus yielding a greater distance. Epic drivers are available to purchase for $499.
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